Suddenly a Thrown Piece of Meat

On Sema Maşkılı’s exhibition ‘’Masters and Slaves’’




A piece of flesh that leaps abruptly; a foot, a jat-black which turns into blue, layer that are about to leak onto us. Emergence of anxiety in the field of a vast square, a vast uncanny that surrounds us. Great repudiations that interferes our ‘similar’ lives.

We are ‘optimist’ pessimists with all bilateral relations, universal bondages and volatile happinesses; with evil malaise which leans to the spring of desire that makes us greatly upset. To our shiny and appealing objects, to our domestic bondages that between our teeth… Like a monolith that bursts and rises suddenly on the face of our easygoing vilderness. Our smooth, geometrical, rationalistic and harmonic civilization-just like the view of apes, which learn to kill by means of bones and explore competence and tyranny in the film of Kubrick, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Bewildering geometry, becomes the logical geometry of masters and slaves.

It is also possible to percieve the history of human cizivilization as a history of an unseen, esthetized violence; as a voluntary slavery. The seductive blink of bondage and infinite curve of desire that lives on glasses of skyscrapers. at ATM machines, on pink neons, at glossy display windows and scratching POS machines: Will to become master!

Master and slave… We are wavy pieces of this man-kind puzzle that can not exist in the absence of the other one.

Hegel, was one of the great minds who endeavored to grasp this relationship by Master Slave dialekt. On Phenomenology of Nous, he was emphasizing this aspect of humanity and discovering a hopeful dilemma. Hegel, who crystallizes the master by power of kill and eliminate this apprehension, was also pointing out to dilemma of master, by means of his tortuous language. His dilemma, was depend on approval of slave and expecting apprehensive mountains. Master was depend on acknowledgement of slave, whom he do not know. He could be a master on reflection of a slavery approval that he underestimates.

Be in want of an actor’s confirmation that the do not know… This is the historical hope of broken modernity, slave’s wish to become a master. A will power, which demands to be a new master, or the admirer of its master. Contemplation our slavery on the fragile surface of mastership, it is just like ignorance of our slavery which has been built step by step on our own demand.


Sema Maşkılı deals with the same old humane tension. Each paint that drops, each brush stroke that has been applied, each layer that ovarlaps and reveals the previous.