Human: ”Ethical Animal”


We continue our existence together with a secret, invisible bodily, mental, psychological violence. Violence has been present in and since societies’ atavistic tendencies.


Violence begins to take its first steps when it encounters another counterpart of it. There is no problem when only one of them is present. When one of them encounters the other, two entities have difficulty embracing each other. When one of them glorifies itself, it actually does two things. It both glorifies itself and ostracizes and disregards those outside what it glorifies. When it encounters the other, the very first conflict starts here without presence of any ill will. Humans, in a dilemma between bestial reflexes and ethical values, cannot control their brains yet so much as to be able to prevent mental violence from lurking in their sub-conscious. They try to cope with their suppressed drives through laws, and societal rules that have been taught.


These are the pictures inspired by toughness and violence. In my work, the bodies are objects without any identification; when the bodies clash with each other, their muscular structures also war with each other in each single detail at the same time and crush and deform the other; this innate strength spoils organic integrity of bodies. This deformation is actually the deformation and weakening of ”I”, of the ego. Muscular structures and bone structures create an out-of-control impression on the surface and war with each other. The forms distend, are dismembered and are converted. These are forms composed solely of flesh, organs and bones. The bodies are in such a way that they are either intermingled with each other or stacked on top of each other or want to break off from each other. Some pieces have lost the war and have been crushed and vanquished.